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Kids Power Challenge

In December 2018, the Family Over Everything Foundation concluded its five-week UNICEF Kid Power Challenge in partnership with UNICEF USA. Through the initiative, 100 boys and girls from basketball teams at Capital City Public Charter School in Washington D.C. and TechBoston Academy in Boston competed to see which school could engage in the most physical activity and consequently unlock the most lifesaving nutrition packets for children around the world.

Capital City Public Charter School ultimately won the competition, with students logging 5,719,916 steps with their UNICEF Kid Power Bands donated by the Family Over Everything Foundation. Their efforts ultimately unlocked 233 therapeutic food packets for children globally. TechBoston Academy finished close behind with 5,260,224 steps taken and 205 food packets unlocked.

In total, students logged 10,980,140 cumulative steps, resulting in 438 lifesaving nutrition packets provided for malnourished children in severely impoverished areas worldwide. The Kid Power Challenge is one of many ways the Family Over Everything Foundation is helping students stay active, realize their creative ability to effect positive change and become strong, empathetic leaders.

Learn more about UNICEF Kid Power by visiting the website HERE.


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